Favorite Pairings:

Dark Elf Delight & Pumpkin Lord

Dark Elf Delight & Butter Rum

Butter Rum & Maple Pecan

Dark Elf Delight & Berry Battlefield


Breakfast favorites:

Arctic Vanilla on a waffle, drizzled with OMG brand blackberry vinegar

Butter Rum on a waffle, drizzled with toasted pecan syrup

Berry Battlefield in a crepe, with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and whipped cream

Saga's Wild Strawberry in a crepe, with chopped strawberries and whipped cream

Nutty Favorites:

Banana Crunch

Rock Giant Pistachio

Rock Giant Road

Maple Pecan

Fruity Favorites:

Berry Battlefield

Bog Treasure

Alfheim Raspberry

Dark Island Guava

Frey's Passion Fruit

Gift of the Ancients

Keylime Conquest

Lemon Heat Slayer

Mango of the Lost Temple

Orange Creamcicle

Raspberry Cream

Saga's Wild Strawberry

Sea Monster

Watermelon Overlord

Wild Mountain Huckleberry

Chocolate Addict Favorites:

Berzerker's Booty

Dark Elf Delight

Hel's Revenge

Orange of the Underworld

Caramel Egg

Freyja's Chocolate Sorcery

Java Berzerker

Mint Cocoa

Surtur's Frozen Fire

Candy-ish Favorites:

Caramel Apple

Pagan Priest (Tastes like a Starburst!)

Caramel Egg

Sea God's Caramel

(21+) 420 Munchies:

Sea God's Caramel

(21+) Alcohol Mixes:


Orange Creamcicle, Orange soda, and whipped vodka

Favorites Containing Alcohol:

Berzerker's Booty


Feast of the Slain

Hel's Revenge

Pagan Preist