Lavender Twist

Lavender ice cream kissed by the sun and brightened with a twist of lemon

Sleep eluded Odin as he tossed and turned in his bed. Huns had invaded from the east, bringing slaughter and destruction, and were poised to overrun Europe itself. Though an army had been gathered to meet them, the warriors had been forced to march for days and were in no condition to fight. Odin's wife Frigg left her husband's bedside and traveled to the shimmering field of Vigrid, where she then conferred with the other goddesses. Together they created a flower with the scent of summer, the color of royalty, and the power to sooth even the most troubled soul. They named it "lavender," and spread it across the land.

With this, the defending army held back the Huns and saved Europe from destruction.

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Made with lavender from the Jardin Du Soleil lavender farm in Sequim and honey from Harvard Robbins  Farm in Lakewood.

Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Honey, Lavendar, Lemon, Whey, Icelandic Skyr (skim milk, rennet), Sea Salt, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum