What We're Made Of:

Viking Ice Cream is focused on being involved with the community and supporting the community around them. Much of the products that are used in our ice cream are locally sourced, coming from locations throughout Kitsap, as well as the surrounding areas.

In addition to using only natural flavors and colors, using only Jersey cow milk (making our ice cream more friendly towards those with lactose intolerance), and using local milk and ingredients, Viking Ice Cream is also gluten free, other than certain alcoholic flavors.




Viking Ice Cream is a delicious Scandinavian ice cream, made every week at The Viking Forge in Poulsbo, by Thor.

Thor came here from Iceland to make Viking Ice Cream for the people of Poulsbo and the surrounding areas, as Poulsbo is a Norwegian town, founded by... You guessed it... Scandinavians!

Skyr (sk-eer) is a dense yogurt invented by vikings. An incredibly healthy yogurt, it contains approximately 12% protein, 3% carbohydrate, and 0.5% fat, as well as being high in calcium and other vitamins. Each flavor of viking ice cream contains skeer, which works as a natural flavor enhancer!




Milk from Dungeness Creamery in Sequim, Washington, makes up the base for Viking Ice Cream. Their Jersey cow milk allows us to cater to a wider range of people, as Jersey cow milk has a unique quality.

Holstein cows (the big black and white cows we are used to seeing), contain a protein in their milk called A1, the protein typical to cows milk, due to mutation long ago. Contrary to this, Jersey cow milk contains a protein known as A2. This protein is similar to that in goats milk, and allows many who are lactose intolerant to have the milk without issue. Because of this, they can enjoy Viking Ice Cream, a milk based ice cream, rather than having to turn to soy or plant-based alternatives!

In addition, Jersey milk has a greater nutritional value than does Holstein milk; 15-20% more protein, 15-18% more calcium, and 10-12% more phosphorous, in addition to higher levels of B12, an essential vitamin.

Three times a week, this milk is turned into the deliciousness that is Viking Ice Cream...

You can't get much fresher than that!


Seasonally Fresh!


Viking Ice Cream does not use artificail flavors or colors, and prefers to use products from our local community, both to heighten the freshness and to support our community. Many of our fruits, such as blackberries, strawberries, apples, and cranberries, are hand-picked by Paul of Gregory Farms in Silverdale, Washington. This accounts for many of our seasonal flavors. Our ice cream is made with fresh products, rather than frozen or artificial, so our flavors are available depending on the flavors in season around us.


Chocolate, Caramel, Candy and Nuts!


Sweeter treats, like chocolate chips, chocolate gancache, candy, and caramel, often come from ChocMo, right up the road from Viking Ice Cream in Poulsbo, Washington. Like many other places, ChocMo carries Viking Ice Cream, at times having the flavors available that include their own ingredients.

We also use many other less-seasonal ingredients, such as candied pecans and other nuts from SB Nuts in Kingston, Costa Rican coffee from the Coffee Oasis in Poulsbo, spices from Some Like it Hott in Port Townsend,  lavender from Jardin Du Soleil lavender farm in Sequim, honey from Harvard Robbins Farm in Lakewood, eggs from other local farmers.


Beer Me!


Yes.. We have alcoholic ice cream.

Some with beers, some with ales.. Some with IPA, some with champagne. Like everything else, we look locally first, and look what we've found! We make ice cream with Porkbelly Rhubarb IPA from Slippery Pig Tavern in Poulsbo, British Black Ale from Valholl Brewery in Poulsbo, Pumpkin Stout from Valholl in Poulsbo, Irish Ale from the Iron Horse Brewery in Seattle, and Monk's Indiscretion Ale from Sound Brewery in Poulsbo!